A little bit of history

The Maisons du Monde Hotel & Suites are the fruit of an encounter between people who are passionate about innovation and style: Céline and Sébastien Meslin – founders of the Vicartem Group, experts in high-quality independent hotels – and the teams of Maisons du Monde, creators of an inspiring universe of decoration and furniture. Together, they have designed hotels that reflects the art de vivre by Maisons du Monde: places that combines inspiration, a friendly atmosphere and elegance.


«It feels like home... but it's even better »

Maisons du Monde hotels are designed to be genuine living spaces. You won’t find a conventional lobby here, it’s more like a living room, a warm and welcoming space where the furniture, decor and plants co-exist in delicate harmony. And, just like at home, the kitchen is open: at breakfast, guests play an active role, they can even cook their own eggs, since only they know how to do them just right! Every visitor will feel as though they’re at home, only better!


«Maisons du Monde decoration and bespoke style»

The entire hotel is furnished with the professional range from Maisons du Monde. It’s a huge universe that comes in a variety of worlds. In each hotel there’s a lobby where the bar, library and large tables are an invitation to unwind. It also lends itself to co-working and drinks after work, an informal meeting during the day or a last drink in the evening. The bedrooms reflect the world of Maisons du Monde so that every guest enjoys a different experience.


« Local roots, sociable and friendly »

All Maisons du Monde hotels have one thing in common: they’re firmly rooted in local life and prioritise local traders and actors. So, when it comes to eating, we use good, fresh products, often from local producers. The hotel staff, who are deeply involved in local life, share their tips with guests, and there are some fun, dynamic events (including after-work drinks, storytelling workshops, and wine and beer tastings). All employees share the same sense of hospitality, kindness and generosity. And the dress code? White shirts, raw jeans and white sneakers!

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